The New2ICU Course

The New2ICU course is a one-day course designed to prepare junior doctors and nurses for working in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Much of the knowledge, skills and experience that these staff have is highly transferrable between medical and surgical specialties, but the ICU environment presents the need for a unique skill set to be competent and to care for patients safely. The aim of the course is to deliver the most essential knowledge and skills in a one day course, equipping staff with the ability to cope with the most common life threatening emergencies and procedures on their first day (or night) on the ICU. Topics covered include:
 Basic ventilator management and adjustment

 Management of the hypoxic patient on a ventilator

 Tracheostomy emergencies

 Assessment of the ICU patient

 Central and arterial line insertion

The course has been running in Bristol (UK) since 2009. Our resources are freely available and we would be happy to help others establish a course in their region. Just drop us a line!